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You need that amazing print, that art that will bring your collection together, or that drawing that will set you apart and turn your product into an impulsive “I need to have it” purchase?

 Don’t worry! We have many, many prints ready for you to use, by following these simple steps

 / Print shop in our main gallery*Or use our Search engine to find them by color, concept, theme, or trend.
/ Fall in love and obsess over one or multiple prints
/ Add them to your shopping cart
/ Pay fast with Paypal
And done! The print is yours!


An email will be sent your way containing your Tech Pack just like this, including all the details necessary to send it for production right away including:

/ Design
/ Section
/ How to repeat the section and make the print
/ Size (recommendation and restrictions)
/ Number of colors and spot sample

Also, if the art allows it, you will find simple instructions on how to change color and size in Adobe Illustrator

If you have any questions during your process, do not hesitate to contact us!
We love to help get your project to your door safely and quickly! 

I am Jacinta González Cerda, but you can call me Jaz.

I come from a long and narrow country, in the south of the world, called Chile, but I have always been passionate about visiting different parts of the planet and thus getting to know a little about each culture to inspire me and explore my creativity.

 I worked as a fashion designer in several brands and that’s how my obsession with prints and their craft started, where you can translate your inspiration into hundreds of clothes, objects, and ideas, making people look unique and authentic.

Dyslexia by Jaz was born from the enthusiasm for doing what I am most passionate about and an irrepressible desire to create.